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The Excalitrade Advantage

Join the leading Digital Asset Exchange

Earn Boost

Earning Interest on trades is easy. Chose any of our trading instruments to get started

Margin Trading

Use Interest bearing assets as margin to hedge your portfolio assets or capture upside in volatile markets

Yield Boost

Enhance your trade results through enhanced customised products such as High frequency trading


We will never share your private data without your permission


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About Excalitrade

As an integrated crypto finance service provider, we help our clients access liquidity, earn yield, and manage risk across crypto assets. Our goal is to optimize for long-term value by delivering investment flexibility and maximizing returns.


How to Trade

Our Ecosystem provides the one stop solution for your trading and investment needs, follow steps below to make your first investment


1. Sign up

Create a new account

2. Deposit funds

Deposit bitcoin to your account

3. Trade

Chose a trading bot that meets your capital requirements, copy the bot

4. Earn a profit

Once done correctly, you should earn a profit after 24hrs of your trade, repeat same steps to grow your account

5. Withdrawal

Withdraw profits to your bitcoin address, you can also compound to grow your account.


Frequently Asked Questions

We answer some of your Frequently Asked Questions regarding our platform.

You earn 10% of every deposit your referral makes or every investment they make. e.g if your referral deposits and invests 1000USD 3 times you will earn 10% of 1000USD 3 times. i.e. 300$. Referrals are a great way to earn if your low on start-up capital or your an avid promoter looking to boost your income

Ensure you have 100 direct downlines and send a mail partners @trailanx.com with your company profile

Ensure you have a bitcoin wallet like Trust wallet, Excodus wallet or blockchain wallet. Copy and post your bitcoin address in the withdraw tab when making a request. your withdrawal will be processed between 24 hours

Excalitrade is an investment aggregator. It brings together the highest yielding products in the Algorithmic trading field. We serve trading feeds from Pionex, Gun Bot, Eenvest, 3commas amongst numerous other Institutional traders.

We accept bitcoin, USDC and Ethereum. Users are advised to make a transfer as stated in the deposit page. deposits reflect after confirmation on the network and the finance department. Ensure you send the exact amount value to avoid delays in your deposit


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